Monday, November 12, 2007

Anne Frank

In term 3, our reading group did a literature circle on The diary of Anne Frank. We posted our work onto a blog. You can view our blog at Feel free to leave any comments.

I entered a a competition where you write a letter that supposedly get sent back into time to Anne Frank. My entry was shortlisted. I got a letter from England that came with a certificate that said that i had been shortlisted. This was a world wide competition so I did really well to get that far.

This is my letter...

Dear Anne Frank
My name is Ellen. War still haunts this planet but luckily not in my country. I have read your diary and am astonished by your living conditions and what happened to you. The year is 2007, 60 years after your diary was first published by your father. So many people have read your diary. I wonder what might have happened if you hadn’t been found by the Nazis. You might want to know what happened in the war. Hitler lost because he shot himself (or so it was said). Your concentration camp was freed a month after you passed away. At least now you are with your mother, father, Margot and Peter Van Pels. I have an older sister too so I know what it like!!! .I can’t stop thinking how young you were when you died far far too young. I bet the suffering and pain was agonising especially when Margot wasn’t with you anymore. You are no longer suffering and are free of fear. I am not Jewish but I am Christian so we believe in the same god. I have three cats at home and I know how they can cheer you up any time!!!

Thank you for reading my letter

Your sincerely

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Ellen! Your letter to Anne Frank was a great letter ~ good luck for the next round!
From Nicola