Sunday, December 9, 2007


For our home study for week 7 and 8,we had to make a poerty anthology. I have done 8 poems. These are them....

This is my mixed poem.

Baa baa black sheep.

Baa Baa black sheep

Running around the town

Looking at the birds

Playing with the microphone

He walked onto the moon

As the witches fly by

Splash right into the icy water

This is my scary poem...


Has it ever happened to you?

That blood curdling feeling deep inside of you

When that “scary monster” under your bed is about to jump out?

Hairs standing on edge

It makes you just want to scream

But you don’t

For some strange reason you don’t

I wonder why

I don’t know

What about you

Has it ever happened to you?

This is my wolf at school poem...

Wolf at school

I came across a wolf

On the way to school

His teeth were very pointy

All covered in drool

I hid him in my schoolbag

So that my teacher wouldn’t see

He stayed there very quietly

Until frightened by a bee

This is my bully poem....

Do you have a bully at school?

Well I don’t but I know someone that does

One day “Grace” was walking to school

When that evil girl “Christina” came up to her

And wack all of her books out of her hands

“Grace came up to me and told me what was happening

We went and told the teacher

The teacher got all of us into a room and we talked everything over

Now “Christina” is our friend

And we get along really well

“Christina” no longer bullies!

This is my butterfly poem....

On the way to school

On the way to school I saw a butterfly

It was an orange butterfly

It was a beautiful orange butterfly

It was a shiny beautiful orange butterfly

It was a big shiny beautiful orange butterfly

It was a free big shiny beautiful orange butterfly

And it was fluttering in my face!

This is cat poem....


There was a cat from Bucklands Beach

That came to BBI to teach

But when class started

The students departed

So there was no one to hear her great speech

This is my Christmas recipe poem...


A cup full of joy to make Christmas happy.

A packet full of gatherings to make it merry.

A jug full of thoughtfulness to make people joyful .

A spoonful of decorations to make it look pretty.

Stir with a Christmas tree

Bake in the oven for extra love.

Serve to all of your friends and family.

This is my fellings poem....


When I was riding my horses

I was happy as a hippo

When my dad went away for 6 months

I was as sad as a whale

When I hide

I am as lonely as a mole stuck in its hole

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Pourquoi

For Literacy we are writing a pourquoi with a partner. Pourquoi means why in french. A pourquoi is a story that tells you why something is the way it is.

This is my final copy.

How Kiwis got short wings

Long ago, before the time that dinosaurs roamed the earth, the kiwi had magnificent wings as long as those upon an albatross. Kiwi had a long, shiny beak and brown silky feathers that covered his plump body. Although Kiwi was majestic, he was also extremely greedy and unkind to the other birds. He would viscously attack and tease other birds that would dare to come near him. As time went by the kiwi became more and more arrogant and self-opinionated, which made him unbelievably vicious and he would attack everything and anything that he saw.

At last, all the birds became extremely fed up with Kiwi. They met up and appointed Takahe to take charge if the situation and teach kiwi a lesson he would never forget. Takahe knew that Kiwi would not turn down a challenge that he could boast about. So, his plan was to tell Kiwi that there was going to be a “beauty contest” that kiwi would take part in but they would trap him in a cage that they would drop from a tree and teach him a lesson.

Kiwi was rummaging for worms when Takahe approached and said, “ Are you going to enter the beauty contest?” Kiwi stopped to think about this. Then replied “ I might” “The winner is declared the best looking bird in all of New Zealand’s forests” said Takahe “Actually yes, I am going to enter and I am going to win!” boasted Kiwi.

The day came that Takahe’s cunning plan would come into action. Takahe led kiwi deep into the dense forest until they got to where the beauty contest would take place. All of the competing birds were frantically preening themselves and getting ready. One by one, the birds paraded down the runway. Finally weka told Kiwi “ You are on next.” “About time…” Kiwi muttered. Kiwi walked onto the stage and pranced to the end and back but as he was about to exit the stage, Takahe shouted ”NOW!!” and the cage dropped down over kiwi. Kiwi thrashed about trying to get out but the cage was strong and sturdy. Kiwi was captured.

All the birds eagerly wanted to punish kiwi. “Leave him in the cage!” a bird shouted. “No!” shouted takahe over the noise, “The consequences he receives must be suitable for him!” The wise owl said, “Because he is so boastful and proud of his wings, cut them off!” And that was exactly what they did.

And that is how the greedy, mischievous kiwi lost his long wings.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Goals

At my school we create goals every term...

My term 1 goals-

I want to get 100% in my basic facts test.

I want to meet deadlines.

To achieve this goal I will...

Goal 1

Get a maths question booklet-so I can practice my maths at home.

Goal 2

Speed up

Make a timetable chart and tick the things off when II have finished them

My term 2 goals-

I want to develop the basics on a apple computer.

Use a wide range of vocabulary.

To achieve this goal I will...

Goal 1

Use the computer as much as possible.

Goal 2

Think about what I'm writing (not just free writing)

My term 3 goals-

I want to improve my fitness.

I want to complete my stage 2 numeracy certificate.

To achieve this goal I will...

Goal 1

Do more running.
Keep going on the cross country race.

Goal 2

Practice my maths a home.
Focus hard whist doing the test.
My term 4 goals-

I want to clearly show student how do use web 2.0 tools clearly.

I want to learn new ways to present my work.

To achieve this goal I will...

Goal 1

Attend Mrs Shearing's sessions.
Work with Mrs M during Period 5

Goal 2

View Magazine layout, computer webpages and websites-looking at layout.
Ask different people how they present their work - in order to get ideas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Kete

For Homestudy in week 4 our task was to decorate a Kete in a way that promotes New Zealand. You had to put 5 items that also represents New Zealand. In my kete I put... a sheep toy, a buzzy bee pencil sharpener, a Team New Zealand flag, a baked Beans logo and a kiwi made out of pom poms.

This is a photo of my finished Kete...

My score

Design and decoration of bag

1 2 3 4 5 6

Design promotes New Zealand

1 2 3 4 5 6

Five items relate to/reflect NZ culture

1 2 3 4 5 6

Factfile cards include detailed and relavent informtion on each card

1 2 3 4 5 6

Originality and creativity

1 2 3 4 5 6

Teacher comment
A lovely woven bag with coloured pictures layered and NZ icons stuck on the front. I liked the way you had lots of actual items in the bag- Well presented.

My Interests

My hobbies include...
  • horse-riding
  • playing keyboard
  • writing
  • listening to music
  • drawing/painting
  • photography

Monday, November 12, 2007

Anne Frank

In term 3, our reading group did a literature circle on The diary of Anne Frank. We posted our work onto a blog. You can view our blog at Feel free to leave any comments.

I entered a a competition where you write a letter that supposedly get sent back into time to Anne Frank. My entry was shortlisted. I got a letter from England that came with a certificate that said that i had been shortlisted. This was a world wide competition so I did really well to get that far.

This is my letter...

Dear Anne Frank
My name is Ellen. War still haunts this planet but luckily not in my country. I have read your diary and am astonished by your living conditions and what happened to you. The year is 2007, 60 years after your diary was first published by your father. So many people have read your diary. I wonder what might have happened if you hadn’t been found by the Nazis. You might want to know what happened in the war. Hitler lost because he shot himself (or so it was said). Your concentration camp was freed a month after you passed away. At least now you are with your mother, father, Margot and Peter Van Pels. I have an older sister too so I know what it like!!! .I can’t stop thinking how young you were when you died far far too young. I bet the suffering and pain was agonising especially when Margot wasn’t with you anymore. You are no longer suffering and are free of fear. I am not Jewish but I am Christian so we believe in the same god. I have three cats at home and I know how they can cheer you up any time!!!

Thank you for reading my letter

Your sincerely


Hello and welcome to my e-portfolio. My name is Ellen. I am a student and I love using Web 2.0 tools.

I love to write stories. I have an online book. To view my book click here. I also love horses. My book combines my passion of writing with my love of horses.

At school for mathex we are designing a board game. We are almost finished and have been putting our progress onto another Web 2.0 tool called Wikispaces. To view our wiki click here. I am working with three other students for this task.

On this blog I will add pictures, certificates, achievements, stories, links to my work and much more!