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horse_crazyWhat to do if you you get caught in a rip.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Other blogs/wikis.

In room 5 we had a homework wiki. On this wiki it had all of our homeowrk tasks. You can view this wiki at . This website was a great idea because it was so easy to access your homework!

The upside to using this is that if you have to go onto a website you can just link it and in just one clck you will be at that website.

The down side to using a wiki is...
If the website crashes all of the stuff on it will be lost.

Room 5 also has another wiki it is
This blog is for the parents to look at so that they are kept up to date with what is happening in our school.

On this blog it has...

Events that are happening
Students work
Things that are happenong eg. renavations
A weekly log.

Web 2.0

What I think about this whole experiment....

I think that having a e-portfolio is a very interesting way to present and show work. I would rather do things on a computer then on a piece of paper! So, this way to make an e-portfolio is exciting because it is something that I had never done before! I went onto this blog everyday and pt on a post (because I was so excited about being one of the first few people to make a e-portfolio using blogger)! The down side about having a e-portfolio is that you can't put all of your work on because of safety reasons and the work that is in paper form.

I chose blogger to do my e-portfolio on, but you can do it using so many web 2.0 tools such as... wikispaces, weebly, word press and loads more!
If I could do this experiment again...

If I could do this experiment again I would use wikispaces because the layout of a wiki suits this whole way to set things out because you can have separate pages but you can't with blogs (you can only do separate posts!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Community rights

In term 3 our class was studying Human Rights. Our project was to do something for those less fortunate then us. We got put into groups of four and the groups got numbered groups 1 through to 8. Our group was group number 3.

We put all of our work onto a wiki, the address is...

Our first task was to choose a group name, we all brainstormed ideas and after loads of silly names we came across the one and that was what we would be called from now on The Helping Hands.

Our second task was to decide what area we were going to target, this wasn't as easy as you would have thought because everyone had to do something different. Our group chose to target poverty- people in need of clothing

Next we had to find some pictures of our issue and put them up on the wiki.

After that we brainstormed how this issue impacts on the community, how it could be solved and who is responsible for this.

Then we develop questions that helped find out more about our target area.

Next we hypothesized solutions and answers to the questions.

Then we made an action plan that incuded what we were going to do, how we were going to do it and who was going to do what.

We all got around 3 questions each and answered them that night.

After we had finished all of the planning it was time to take action!!

We put out clothing bins in all of the team pods for people to put their old clothes into.

Everyday we checkesd trhe bins and a week later, when he had collected about 10 rubbishbags of clothing we drove down to the salvation army. Theyt were very greatful for the donation and it was a worthwhile task!

This task may sound easy and would seem that the planning would only take a day or two but it doesn't! It takes weeks and weeks!

What I have learnt from this.

I have learnt that its better to take your time doing the planning stage than to rush it because its all in the planning and if you dont do the planning right the rest of the project will turn to jelly!

The Summer of Shadows

Our homework task was to make a book report on a selected book. The book that I chose was The Summer Of Shadows. Once we had read the book we had to do tasks on it .Here is my work.

My Bookmark
This task was to design a bookmark about the book.

This task was to design something that would have helped someone in the story.

This task was.... to explain an inident and tell why it happened.

This task was to compareb yourself to a character in the story.

This task was to explain three feelings that you felt when you read this book

Myths and Legends

In weeks 5-7 our homwstudy task was to read at least 5 Myths or legends. Once we had read the stories we had to do tasks on the story.

This is the work that I did.
Activity 11-Choose 4 mediums and draw different scenes from the stroy.

Activity 5- Write a song that tells the story.

Maui and the Great Fish

Long ago, when the world was new,
Maui roamed the earth. He had
brothers but they hated him.
One day, they planned a fishing trip
at dawn that Maui wasn’t supposed
to know about but he overheard
his brothers’ discussion and hid
in their boat. When they were out
at sea Maui jumped out and said,
“It is I your brother” His brothers
were shocked. They gave Maui a
fishing line but no bait but Maui
had planned this and pulled
out his Grandmothers jaw bone.
He used it as bait. Maui caught
the biggest fish and he pulled
and pulled and pulled and
pulled up the great fish known
as New Zealand. Now we are
walking on Maui Great Fish.

Venuku and the mist maiden.

Activity 6- Choose one scene from the story and illustate it.

Why zebras have stripes

Activity 7 -Write your own ending to the Myth.

One day Mr. and Mrs. Zebra were going to a party with all there other Jungle friends. Mr. and Mrs. Zebra both wanted to look very special, but in a different kind of way.
Mr. Zebra painted the front part of himself green, like the lizard. You see they were all white back then. Mrs. Zebra painted the back part of herself a tan color, like the lion.
Mr. Zebra didn't like the way that Mrs. Zebra looked. Mrs. Zebra didn't like the way that Mr. Zebra looked. So they talked about it and decided that they liked black, as there color.
Mr. Zebra painted the front part of himself black. Mrs. Zebra painted the back part of herself black. They looked at each other and both had an instantaneous thought, "Stripes!" They said together. They each painted them selves in stripes and went to the party later that night.
Everyone at the party loved there new creation of an outfit!
They got plenty of compliments and were even complimented by the king of the jungle, Mr. Lion. He thought they were very creative.
The party ended late that night, but talk of Mr. and Mrs. Zebra's outfit kept going well into the morning. Soon all the Zebras, in the jungle, were painting them selves in stripes. Soon Zebras all around the world were doing it to.

The real ending

After awhile Mr. and Mrs. Zebra got tired of stripes. But when they tried to wash off there stripes they found that the paint had sunk in well beyond there fur. They couldn't get it off for anything. Soon all the Zebra's started getting tired of stripes. But they couldn't get there's off either!
To this day the Zebras still can¹t get there stripes off. That is why the Zebra has stripes!

My ending

After a while the zebras realized that they had used permanent paint instead of water based as they had thought. They tried to get out the paint but nothing worked. They even tried the most dangerous of home remedies but nothing worked. Even now days Zebras haven’t found a way to take of the paint that is striped across their body.

That is why zebras have stripes.


Activity 8- Write an interview with one of the characters from the story.

I am here with Moraine the unicorn for a exclusive interview!
Hello Moraine!

Moraine- Hello

Me- Why did you disappear from existence?

Moraine- Well Ellen I disappeared from existence because my best friend didn’t want to be my friend anymore

Me- Oh that’s horrible!!

So why did you only have one friend?

Moraine- I only had one friend because people thought that Unicorns were evil and wanted to kill us but Elaine understood me so she was my friend.

Me- How long were you friends with Elaine for?

Moraine- I was fiends with Elaine for around 10 years.

Me- How did you get the name Moraine?

Moraine- My name is Moraine because that is Elaine’s mother.

Me- So, Moraine, how old is Elaine now?

Moraine- Elaine is now 20 years old!

Me- What are some little facts about yourself?

Moraine- Well, I was hated by many, many people and whenever something bad happened to them they blamed it on the Unicorns!!

Me-Wow that is so unfair!

So, why aren’t you friends with Elaine anymore?

Moraine- She always use to visit me every day but for four years I didn’t see her but when I did she said that she was married now and didn’t have time for childish games. It was so upsetting.

Me- How long ago did this all happen?

Moraine- Well Ellen this happened a long, long time ago it happened in the time when many princesses roamed the earth.

Me- So, Where do you live now?

Moraine- I can’t tell you that because nobody knows.

Me- What was the worst part in your life?

Moraine- The worst part of my life was when Elaine said “I don’t have time for childish games” It was so sad and it still hurts now to think about it.

Me- Well thank you Moraine and thank you for coming and joining this exclusive interview with Moraine the Unicorn!

My scores
Detailed reading log completed Y/N
Participation in discussion groups Y/N
Original, creative booklet cover Y/N
Table of contents included Y/N
Overall assesment of activities completed
Evidence of understanding of texts read
1 2 3 4 5 6
Organization and detail
1 2 3 4 5 6
Effort and creativity
1 2 3 4 5 6
Teacher comment
Some creative thinking for your new story ending. Well done. Your origanal artwork using different mediums for pegasus is excellent. I really liked your song, which tune would you sing it to?
Your overall effort is outstanding. Well done.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


For our home study for week 7 and 8,we had to make a poerty anthology. I have done 8 poems. These are them....

This is my mixed poem.

Baa baa black sheep.

Baa Baa black sheep

Running around the town

Looking at the birds

Playing with the microphone

He walked onto the moon

As the witches fly by

Splash right into the icy water

This is my scary poem...


Has it ever happened to you?

That blood curdling feeling deep inside of you

When that “scary monster” under your bed is about to jump out?

Hairs standing on edge

It makes you just want to scream

But you don’t

For some strange reason you don’t

I wonder why

I don’t know

What about you

Has it ever happened to you?

This is my wolf at school poem...

Wolf at school

I came across a wolf

On the way to school

His teeth were very pointy

All covered in drool

I hid him in my schoolbag

So that my teacher wouldn’t see

He stayed there very quietly

Until frightened by a bee

This is my bully poem....

Do you have a bully at school?

Well I don’t but I know someone that does

One day “Grace” was walking to school

When that evil girl “Christina” came up to her

And wack all of her books out of her hands

“Grace came up to me and told me what was happening

We went and told the teacher

The teacher got all of us into a room and we talked everything over

Now “Christina” is our friend

And we get along really well

“Christina” no longer bullies!

This is my butterfly poem....

On the way to school

On the way to school I saw a butterfly

It was an orange butterfly

It was a beautiful orange butterfly

It was a shiny beautiful orange butterfly

It was a big shiny beautiful orange butterfly

It was a free big shiny beautiful orange butterfly

And it was fluttering in my face!

This is cat poem....


There was a cat from Bucklands Beach

That came to BBI to teach

But when class started

The students departed

So there was no one to hear her great speech

This is my Christmas recipe poem...


A cup full of joy to make Christmas happy.

A packet full of gatherings to make it merry.

A jug full of thoughtfulness to make people joyful .

A spoonful of decorations to make it look pretty.

Stir with a Christmas tree

Bake in the oven for extra love.

Serve to all of your friends and family.

This is my fellings poem....


When I was riding my horses

I was happy as a hippo

When my dad went away for 6 months

I was as sad as a whale

When I hide

I am as lonely as a mole stuck in its hole