Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Pourquoi

For Literacy we are writing a pourquoi with a partner. Pourquoi means why in french. A pourquoi is a story that tells you why something is the way it is.

This is my final copy.

How Kiwis got short wings

Long ago, before the time that dinosaurs roamed the earth, the kiwi had magnificent wings as long as those upon an albatross. Kiwi had a long, shiny beak and brown silky feathers that covered his plump body. Although Kiwi was majestic, he was also extremely greedy and unkind to the other birds. He would viscously attack and tease other birds that would dare to come near him. As time went by the kiwi became more and more arrogant and self-opinionated, which made him unbelievably vicious and he would attack everything and anything that he saw.

At last, all the birds became extremely fed up with Kiwi. They met up and appointed Takahe to take charge if the situation and teach kiwi a lesson he would never forget. Takahe knew that Kiwi would not turn down a challenge that he could boast about. So, his plan was to tell Kiwi that there was going to be a “beauty contest” that kiwi would take part in but they would trap him in a cage that they would drop from a tree and teach him a lesson.

Kiwi was rummaging for worms when Takahe approached and said, “ Are you going to enter the beauty contest?” Kiwi stopped to think about this. Then replied “ I might” “The winner is declared the best looking bird in all of New Zealand’s forests” said Takahe “Actually yes, I am going to enter and I am going to win!” boasted Kiwi.

The day came that Takahe’s cunning plan would come into action. Takahe led kiwi deep into the dense forest until they got to where the beauty contest would take place. All of the competing birds were frantically preening themselves and getting ready. One by one, the birds paraded down the runway. Finally weka told Kiwi “ You are on next.” “About time…” Kiwi muttered. Kiwi walked onto the stage and pranced to the end and back but as he was about to exit the stage, Takahe shouted ”NOW!!” and the cage dropped down over kiwi. Kiwi thrashed about trying to get out but the cage was strong and sturdy. Kiwi was captured.

All the birds eagerly wanted to punish kiwi. “Leave him in the cage!” a bird shouted. “No!” shouted takahe over the noise, “The consequences he receives must be suitable for him!” The wise owl said, “Because he is so boastful and proud of his wings, cut them off!” And that was exactly what they did.

And that is how the greedy, mischievous kiwi lost his long wings.


NF said...

Hello Ellen! What a good story! Maybe you could put up the podcast?!

Nicola said...

Yo. Love the blog which is now pink!
It is very detailed and what a good idea it was to post your reflections on your kete (which is very bright and colourful too!) !