Monday, November 12, 2007


Hello and welcome to my e-portfolio. My name is Ellen. I am a student and I love using Web 2.0 tools.

I love to write stories. I have an online book. To view my book click here. I also love horses. My book combines my passion of writing with my love of horses.

At school for mathex we are designing a board game. We are almost finished and have been putting our progress onto another Web 2.0 tool called Wikispaces. To view our wiki click here. I am working with three other students for this task.

On this blog I will add pictures, certificates, achievements, stories, links to my work and much more!


Jess.Ster and Lil B said...

YAY 1st comment!

Your blog is great so far! A few more posts, maybe a video and you a well on your way to having an awesome e-Portfolio!


Anonymous said...

2nd comment!

Your blog is going really well!!!
Just carry on posting and soon you'll have a real blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen! 3rd comment!!! Great work! Just a few more posts......


Anonymous said...

Great start, Horsey! Very soon you will have a fantastic e-Portfolio blog!