Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Summer of Shadows

Our homework task was to make a book report on a selected book. The book that I chose was The Summer Of Shadows. Once we had read the book we had to do tasks on it .Here is my work.

My Bookmark
This task was to design a bookmark about the book.

This task was to design something that would have helped someone in the story.

This task was.... to explain an inident and tell why it happened.

This task was to compareb yourself to a character in the story.

This task was to explain three feelings that you felt when you read this book

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Kathleen Johnson said...

These are wonderful expressions of your learning. I enjoyed seeing the images. They also worked well with the blog design. I am glad you are finding your voice on your blog. I am a Librarian in Seattle, WA and I am taking a class on e-portfolios with Helen Barrett. We are looking at various portfolios and your class was suggested as a good source to view.