Saturday, February 9, 2008

Community rights

In term 3 our class was studying Human Rights. Our project was to do something for those less fortunate then us. We got put into groups of four and the groups got numbered groups 1 through to 8. Our group was group number 3.

We put all of our work onto a wiki, the address is...

Our first task was to choose a group name, we all brainstormed ideas and after loads of silly names we came across the one and that was what we would be called from now on The Helping Hands.

Our second task was to decide what area we were going to target, this wasn't as easy as you would have thought because everyone had to do something different. Our group chose to target poverty- people in need of clothing

Next we had to find some pictures of our issue and put them up on the wiki.

After that we brainstormed how this issue impacts on the community, how it could be solved and who is responsible for this.

Then we develop questions that helped find out more about our target area.

Next we hypothesized solutions and answers to the questions.

Then we made an action plan that incuded what we were going to do, how we were going to do it and who was going to do what.

We all got around 3 questions each and answered them that night.

After we had finished all of the planning it was time to take action!!

We put out clothing bins in all of the team pods for people to put their old clothes into.

Everyday we checkesd trhe bins and a week later, when he had collected about 10 rubbishbags of clothing we drove down to the salvation army. Theyt were very greatful for the donation and it was a worthwhile task!

This task may sound easy and would seem that the planning would only take a day or two but it doesn't! It takes weeks and weeks!

What I have learnt from this.

I have learnt that its better to take your time doing the planning stage than to rush it because its all in the planning and if you dont do the planning right the rest of the project will turn to jelly!

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