Sunday, February 10, 2008

Other blogs/wikis.

In room 5 we had a homework wiki. On this wiki it had all of our homeowrk tasks. You can view this wiki at . This website was a great idea because it was so easy to access your homework!

The upside to using this is that if you have to go onto a website you can just link it and in just one clck you will be at that website.

The down side to using a wiki is...
If the website crashes all of the stuff on it will be lost.

Room 5 also has another wiki it is
This blog is for the parents to look at so that they are kept up to date with what is happening in our school.

On this blog it has...

Events that are happening
Students work
Things that are happenong eg. renavations
A weekly log.

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Lorraine said...

Hi Ellen
I am a teacher in Rotorua and I love what you have done with your e-portfolio. I use wikispaces but had not thought if using it for e-portfolios until I met your teacher. It is a great idea.

I used to worry about losing all my wiki work but then in wikispaces I found out that you can make backups of your work. If you go to Manage Space, you will see under Space Contents, a link that says Backup Space. I use the WIndows zip button. It saves a copy of the wiki on to my computer.

Best wishes